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For six years, a Research Team from the University of Florence, Italy (with co-financing from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has done field research in the American West.  They have interviewed and gathered information about Italian pioneers who arrived in the West, from the time of the Gold Rush to the present day.

The Team has sought to recapture the histories and memories of those Italians who came West and made their lives in this land: the pioneers, patriots of the Risorgimento, businessmen and women, craftsmen, fishermen, cowboys, farmers, and miners.  The early pioneers crossed the deserts and forests, traveling along trails and beside rivers, during the time of the frontier crossings.

Now you too can be a part of this Reseach Team in

California … Nevada … Arizona …
New Mexico … Idaho …
Oregon …
Utah … Colorado … Montana … Washington …

Through the deserts and Ghost Towns, from the great Sequoia trees to the coastal areas near the Pacific Ocean, the Italians have made their contributions to the construction of the new world in the United States .

Finally, now it is possible to accompany us and
follow in the steps of the Italian pioneers.

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Gold Trail

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