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Historical: visits to museums, churches, cemetaries, mines, and ghost towns
Tourist: visit parks, local tourist attractions and cacinos
Sociale: meet with people and/or families of Italian origin
Food: visit an Italian ranch and taste the locally produced Italian food and wines

Accomodations and Activities in the field

Transportation: large comfortable, air-conditioned cross-country all-terrain 4-wheel drive vehicle to transport participants.  Follow-up car will carry baggage and excursion materials.
Instruments: GPS navigation system, metal detector, binoculars, picks/shovels, gold mining pans, walkie-talkies and computers.


Trip maps
Historical notes for the tour
Backpack with: Flashlight
                     Water bottle
                     Pen and notepad
                     Multi-use pliers tool
Personalized hat and t-shirt
Extra Services

Photographs taken on request (DVD or printed copies)
Professional trip video saved on DVD or VHS Tape
Personalized itinerary
Excursions into other areas of interest

Standard Package

Duration: 10 days, from Wednesday to the following Saturday
Concurrant trips: it will be possible to join another “Trail” trip (to be announced)

Death Vallery
Death Vallery
Death Vallery
Gold Trail
Gold Trail

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